I Would Go Back If Only For Her

To those who believe that their ignorance, and their prides can prevent them from seeing the reality of this world. This isn’t about race. It is about ignorance:
I’ll go “back”. I’ll take the doctors, the lawyers, the engineers, the actors, the musicians, the writers, the younger generation, everyone. I’d take all of my country men and women back if it would prevent those two innocent men from being shot. I’d go “back” to a country that I wasn’t even born in. I’d go back just to stop all of this hate, all of this ignorance, all of this terror. I’d go back just to stop it all. But I can’t. And neither can the rest of us.
My religion, the color of my skin, my appearance, does not define who I am. I do that, all on my own. You want all people of color to go back? Fine. Then guess what this country is left with: nothing. Because at the end of the day this country is only ever made up of it’s diversity. This country is known as “The Melting Pot”. You want your country back? Well I want my country back. I want the image of America that I have grown to believe and dream of back. And in that image, there is no room for Hate.
I want to be able to believe that people in our government, people on the streets, people who are our neighbors actually viewed us all as human beings. I want my dream of us being treated equally to become a reality. I want to earn back the right to say that though this country isn’t perfect it is the place where Freedom actually can be obtained for all.
The ignorance has to stop. And I’m not just talking about that crazy man who decided to shoot two people of color (They weren’t just indian, their deaths represent so much more than just their nationality). I’m talking about the people who silently believe that because this doesn’t affect them they shouldn’t be bothered to realize that their own friends and neighbors could be subject to the horrors of this country. This country has a past, a horrible, terrible, violent past, that no one cares to even acknowledge. We did this. We made ourselves forget that Time and the Events that take place are NEVER linear. We can go back.
We can go back to the days of Japanese Internment camps, the Holocaust, the Tarring and feathering of opposition, the lynching, and so much more. We can go back. And we are. Stop fooling yourselves into thinking that it won’t happen, that it doesn’t affect you, that because you aren’t a person of color, part of the LGBTQ community, aren’t a woman who has been subject to the oppression from men and women alike, aren’t of a faith that is unrelated to christianity, that any of this doesn’t affect you. Because my dears, it very much does. Eventually you’ll realize this, I just hope it won’t be too late.
Just know, I’d go “back” to one of the two countries my family is tied to, if only to prevent further atrocities from happening in this country I love. But I can’t. And if that means that my life is at risk for simply existing in this country then so be it. That’s the price of sticking to a place that you truly love. I love America, which is why I want this to stop. I want this to change. I love my country and I will fight for her worth every day, because she is worth more than the sexist, racist, ignorant, and angry people who think to “take her back”. She is beautiful, caring, liberating, and Strong. She has just been silenced and oppressed for to long. That is the America I fight for. That is who I stand for as an American-Indian-Sri Lankan. If you have a problem with my skin tone, you have a problem with my country, because at the end of the day the people who don’t belong here are the people who seek to demolish her image by promoting hate.

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