Tribute to Chris Rock

There’s something to be said about a man who can pick up a mic after ten years and appear as though he never left the stage. That’s what it was like watching Chris Rock in his special “Tambourine.” He’s always been my favorite stand-up comic, in fact, he was the first stand-up comic I had... Continue Reading →


“Madam”~ The Story of a Solo Matriarchal Society.

There’s something to be said about a couple walking into a restaurant, and the waiter immediately greeting, and standing by the man and asking for his order. It sounds ridiculous to be picking apart such a seemingly inconsequential scenario, but honestly think about the last time you walked into a restaurant with someone of the... Continue Reading →

The House that Made Us

Before you begin this, here is a key to family titles: Mama- My mother's brother- my uncle Mami- Wife of my mother's brother- my aunt Mausi- My mother's sister- my aunt Mausaji- husband of my mother's sister- my uncle Nana- grandfather on my mother's side Nani- grandmother on my mother's side Aachi- grandmother on my... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About Selfishness

Trigger warning: suicide I've always broached the subject of suicide through glossier, sugar coated angles to try and ease in the harsh reality of what people face when going through a suicidal episode, but this time....I can't do that. The picture is from a book called Americanah (to all my IB friends who are reading... Continue Reading →

The Desi, The Coconut, & The Indian

When Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke of single stories I can’t help but think of the many stereotypes created about my people, some even created by one another. It’s a fundamental problem of humans to categorize each other, to try and understand someone, or even ourselves better.   Growing up, I always identified myself as... Continue Reading →

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